Calendar of Events 2011-2012


JGRVK has already seen some of the breath-taking events in the last three months. The live actions that had been taking place in the class-room situations are worth mentioning. Education in this institution is factual and real. It is said that education is the manifestation of the best that is already in men and this is rightly proved here. Everyday day is a new learning day and the never ending process of learning is truly beneficial for the future citizens of the country. Let us now have a glimpse of all the events that took place in the past three months.

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5th June, 2011

NATURE: Embodiment of God

World Environment Day is observed on June 5th every year to promote awareness on the importance of preserving our Mother Nature. It is very important to understand and thus develop a sense of solving negative issues associated with environment and ways to take corrective actions.

World Environment Day was first celebrated in 1973. It means to tackle environmental challenges that include climatic changes, global warming, disasters and conflicts, harmful substances, environmental governance, eco system management and resource efficiency.

SDC10643    SDC10629

Eco club of JGRVK celebrated World Environment Day on June 4th. The program was presided by Sri Rangaraj Iyengarji, a member of JGRVK. The middle and senior school students joined the legacy of the school by taking part in the Annual Environment awareness. The students enthusiastically participated in this programme by performing a skit on pollution. They became a part of this programme by planting as many saplings as possible in the school premises. The students were also motivated to plant saplings at home and then get them to school on a particular date for the exhibition.




The most ancient Vedic Culture of Bharat has evolved around several Phylosophical, Scientific Rituals starting from a man’s birth till his death.

Among them ‘Aksharabhyasam’ is one of the most important rituals where the Mahadwara of knowledge will be opened by the child’s first activity of writing on a Rice Plate with a Turmeric stick, a medical and sacred herb, inscribing the celestial sound ‘OM’.

JGRVK performed this sacred function on 5th June, 2011 with the blessings of Poojya Sri Sri Swamiji of Chinmaya Mission, Bengaluru. He initiated the function by having a child on his lap and made him write ‘OM’. Swamiji of Chinmaya mission in his ashirvachhana spoke about the importance of education to win over the cycle of birth and death. The programme was graced by the guests Shri Dinesh Hegde General Secretary Rashtrotthana Parishat, Shri Gajanan Londhe, member governing council JGRVK, Shri Rangaraja Iyengar, member JGRVK, Shri Ravikumar,member governing council  Shri Maheshwariah, correspondent of RVK and JGRVK, Shri Dwaraknath, General Secretary, Smt Asha Ashok, Joint secretary. About 365 kids with their parents and grand-parents participated in the auspicious occasion. Earlier the function started with a ‘Gana Homa’ and ‘Saraswathi Homa’. The sacred occasion concluded by proposing vote of thanks by Kumari Minakshi Das, Principal, JGRVK, followed by Shantimantra and distribution of sweets as Prasadam.

18th June, 2011

Story time folks!!!!

Once upon a time ....

The winds of change have been blowing across JGRVK. The one year old institution has a rock solid foundation of Panchamukhi Shikshana and the vision of the bright future. Though it had to cross many hurdles like any other new foundation, yet the bliss of ultimately having it is really an awesome feeling. Isn’t it?? The steady movement of the school is praiseworthy. The single aim of making education a reality is helping it open new vistas of life as a whole. In the process, the very aim has become broader and bigger.      

The sole objective of the English Literary Club is to develop language skills. However, cultivating love for the subject is also one of the main hidden reasons. In this regard, the concept of ‘Story Writing Competition’ was brought up. The young mind is full of fresh and new talent and Story Writing will further help these little genius minds to grow and develop in the best possible manner.  However, to begin with, a natural respect and sincerity towards the subject is equally important.   

The English Story Writing Competition was held for Grade VI to IX on 18th June 2011. The programme was inaugurated Sri Chandrasekhar and Sri Harish and was presided over by our correspondent Sri Maheshwaraiah. The guest selected the topic for different class levels after which the participants started to write the story on respective topics with determination to give their best within the stipulated time.

The faculty in-charge for the club is Mrs. Anupama Chandrashekar and Prema Surendar.

The winners of the competition are as follows:

Grade VI

1. Sneha .R (Vikramashila)
2. Pranjal Singh (Takshila)
3. Neha Jayan (Kanchi)

Grade VII

1. Shivani Malsaria (Takshila)
2. Shruthi (Nalanda)

Grade VIII

1. Gitika Gupta (Kanchi)
2. Sandhya .C (Vikramashila)
3. Shreyas K.V (Nalanda)
4. Nikhil.N (Takshila) (Consolation)

Grade IX

1. Pranita.P (Kanchi)
2. Deepti. H (Takshila)
3. Neha. N. Rao (Nalanda)


English essay writing competition:   exposing the writer within


The best platform for budding writers.....

Let’s go down the highway of writing and may the steady hum of our vocabulary steer our minds to a creative journey filled with discoveries of hidden talent within every individual. This creative endeavour was taken by JGRVK through an essay writing competition in our campus.  If it’s true that birds can listen to thoughts and feelings then, every passing bird experienced the flow of words, thoughts, passion and intellect.

SDC10673    SDC10715  

The competition was held for the classes 3rd to 5th as the part of their CCE, among them the best five from each class were selected for the finals. The chosen students were given topics ranging from themes that were personal to introspective and evocative. Our Chief guest Dr. Venkat Padmanab, Principal of Ramana Vidya Niketan, Bangalore announced the following topic for the classes:


III- My Ambition in Life
IV- Computer is a Boon
V- My Dream of India

Students came prepared with beautiful ideas; some wrote intuitively; some had impromptu words flowing through them. Ponderous poses were witnessed with far away looks waiting for inspiration to descend, as noticed from the careful movement of the eyes while some followed the words in their mind; some vociferously attacked the page; at some moments, the grit of writing well churned ideas flew over the pages with sweet smiles on the faces of the budding writers.

Results have been announced but the joy of participating prevailed in all the serious Enthusiasts.

The Winners are.......


1st Pace

2nd Place

3rd Place


Pooja Sri Ram

Mahima R




Rohan S Varma




Aditi Sabnis



Neha Sreekumar

Amit Vishnu

Rohan Pol, Kriti D


Lavanya M

Bipin Shreyas



Deeksha Murali

Trivikram G S S

Saarika M



by Manjula V

22nd June, 2011

Report on Painting competition (Primary section)

Showering Towers with colours”
Painting Competition Middle and Senior.

Indian painting tradition goes back to antiquity, as an evidence from the murals of Ajanta, Ellora and other frescoes. The Buddhist palm leaf manuscripts, the Jain texts and the Decccan, Mughals and Kangra schools of miniature Indian Painting.

Indian Painting is an old tradition, with ancient texts outlining theories of colour and anecdotal accounts suggesting that it was common for households to paint their doorways or indoor rooms where guests resided.

Drawing is an excellent visual medium, which is an outlet for students to display their talents in capturing nature, observing that though children were always close to nature, they tend to break away themselves from it as they grow older.

By learning the beauty and significance of nature at young age, children will lead environmental-friendly life for the rest of their life.


A class level competition was conducted as a part of CCE and the best students from each class were selected. Thirty Five students took part in the painting competition, which was held on 22nd  June 2011 in the school premises(Multipurpose hall).Middle and senior school submitted paintings that they had drawn under the awareness campaign theme i.e. A carnival, Save water, The village and My feeling on the environment. The chief guest was Sree Ashish.N.Sabnis an IT consultant who graced the occasion and declared the topic on the spot.

Report by Suchitra.N.B

Blooming Buds

Indian Painting provides an aesthetic continuum that extends from the early civilization to the present day. This form of art in India is vivid and lively, refined and sophisticated as well as bold and vigorous at the same time. From being essentially religious in purpose in the beginning; Indian paintings have evolved over the years to become a fusion of various traditions.

In this art competition we believe, it is important to develop the artistic talents of the school students. This competition helps to reach the goals and to encourage the students to show their talents and help them grow both mentally, physically and culturally, and we are happy and satisfied with the positive outcomes of this competition.


A class level competiton was conducted as a part of CCE and the best students from each class were selected. Ninety eight students took part in the painting competition held on 23rd June 2011 in the school premises(Multipurpose hall).Primary school students submitted paintings ,they drew on the theme Class I-The park/Fruits, Class II-My Home, Class III-The vegetable shop, Class IV-The fruits shop, Class V-At the zoo with your family announced by the chief guest Sri Sreekanth Manager at Volvo India Pvt Ltd.

Report by Suchitra.N.B

25th June, 2011

The Darker Side of India: a boon in disguise

Our Country has been so richly blessed by the Almighty that those who live in it have to be more grateful & answerable for all the benefits that God has given us without even asking for it. So where lies the fault line? Why are we so stressed? What prevents us from being grateful in words and deeds?

We must provide right type of education from the beginning which helps our children to become “complete citizens” of the global village. Our objective is to create a man of heart whose solid foundation is to be laid in the home and at the school right from inception. Our Silver line can be seen through the efforts of our students of class VI – IX and staff who went to visit ‘SEVAKENDRA’ in Byapanahalli and Indiranagar on 25.06.2011(Saturday). They interacted with the deprived and destitutes living in various slum areas. Students have realized the importance of charity for the down trodden. They have started contributing a very little amount from their pocket money for the same cause. The essence of the entire program is to develop strong human values i.e. care, concern, compassion, sympathy which are the content of one’s character.


Report on Hindi Recitation Competition

“If poetry is the spontaneous over flow of powerful feelings, poet is the priest of the invisible.”
The main objective of organizing Hindi Recitation Programme is to create awareness among students about the method of reciting poems with proper voice modulation, deeper feelings and appreciation for the poem.

Hindi recitation competition of the JGRVK was an event which enabled the children to appreciate the literature in the form of poems. There was ample opportunity for the students at school level to combat with the biggest fear factor i.e. stage fear.


This activity helped the students to connect with the audience through their poems. It was conducted by the PRIMARY WING on 28.06.2011 and a total of 166 students participated in it. Same activity had been conducted as a  part of the CCE  in  their respective classes. Five students from each classes III- V were selected for the finals.  The poems chosen for the finals were:                


The children administered a good performance and it reflected the sincere toil of the teacher conveners, who gave adequate support and guidance to them. “Preparation plus timing equals success.”

The judges Mr. Lohit and Mrs. Sunaina Vedvyas Choubay judged the students on the basis of intonation, accent, expression, gestures etc.  They appreciated the commendable performance of the participants.

“If you are prepared when your time comes, you will be successful”……The winners are as follows………


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place







Rohan Varma





Sreelakshmi G.B.

Adith Pradeepan

Aditi Sabnis







Lavanya M.
Bipin Shreyas K.R.

Apoorva P.



Riya Suresh



Hindi Literary Club (Primary Section)

In charge Teacher Gurmit Kaur

Report by: Gurmit Kaur

30th June, 2011


‘Life is full of colours’…. and children are the best people to prove this statement true in the correct way. Keeping this in our mind JGRVK celebrated colours day competition on 30th JUNE 2011, Thursday at 10.00am in the school prayer hall. This competition was intended to enhance the knowledge of children about colour recognition. This helped us to identify the talent of the kids as they uphold the concept of colour. On the whole, the ultimate idea was to build the confidence level and encourage the children to take part in various activities of our holistic system of education.

DSC01490  DSC01494  DSC01511
A similar type of activity was done in their respective classes as a part of  CCE. The best five students were selected to participate in the competition. Winners were selected by jury members Smt. Indu(co–ordinator of  U.K.G)

Smt. Jayalakshmi(co-ordinator of  L.K.G).

The program was graced by  Kum.Minakshi Das (principal of JGRVK)
Smt.Jayanthi Rajkumar(HM of JGRVK).

The result sheet has been attached.

Reported by
pre-kg co-ordinator  

13th July, 2011


Devotion and Music are two different modes that help us attain orientation, relaxation, stimulation and salvation. They are indispensable from human life. A competition is an event organized to promote talents. We had a devotional singing competition carried out in our school JGRVK on 13.07.2011.

 Activity on devotional singing was conducted by the teacher as a part of regular CCE for students of classes  VI – IX during regular class hours. 17 best singers were selected to participate in the final competition. Students came prepared with beautiful songs composed by authors like Purandara dasa,  Swathi tirunaal, Thyagaraja etc. Blended with raga and bhava listening to their singing was awesome. Results were announced at the end of the program by our chief guest Smt. Lakshmi Swaminathan.

The results are as follows….


























15th July, 2011

Guru Purnima - A perfect time to thank our Guru’s….

“Ajnaanang Timiraaandhasya Jnaanaanjana Salaakayaa;
Chakshurunmilitang Yena Tasmai Sree Gurave Namah!”

With Blessings from our Gurus, the event of Gurupurnima took place in JGRVK campus on 15th July 2011 which was a Friday. The whole school took part in the auspicious celebration and enjoyed the flow of energy in great heaps. The Program started at 8.30 a.m. It started with the holy lines of गुरुर्ब्रह्मागुरुर्विष्णुःगुरुर्देवोमहेश्वरः|गुरुःसाक्षात्परब्रह्मतस्मैश्रीगुरवेनमः|| followed by Guru Vandana (salutations to the Guru).  The welcome speech was delivered by our respected Principal, Kumari Minakshi Das. This presentation was a collection of melodious songs and Stotras (verses) interspersed with beautiful Kannada skit on Ekalvya, experiences, classical dance based on Bharatmata, interactions and inspiring talk on this auspicious occasion on Guru Purnima by our teachers and students. The programme was highlighted on the significance of the ‘Guru’ and his major role and responsibility in molding his students.  

The speakers of the day focused the importance of the Guru and shad-gunas. 'Guru' in India, holds a supreme significance. Guru is a person with revered personality, who by his teachings enlightens us. He introduces us to the vast world of knowledge and shuns our ignorance. He teaches us, he guides us and he protects us from all sorts of dangers and sins. Perhaps, that's the reason why Kabir in one of his songs said, that if God and Guru stand side by side, the first adoration and worship should be offered to Guru and then to God. This is because through Guru we can recognize and realize the significance of God.

SDC10941    SDC10949   SDC10946    SDC10966

Explaining the importance of the day, Our Chief Guest Sri Rangraj Iyengarji (the Governing Council Member of JGRVK) enlightened our teachers with his inspiring and motivating words. Moreover, the presence of Sri S.B. Maheshwariah (Correspondent) and Smt. Ashwin Londe brought more grace and honour to the entire show. Finally the Vote of thanks was rendered by our beloved Headmistress Smt. Jayanthi Rajkumar. Thus, ended an eventful day of the auspicious Guru Purnima with singing of Vande Mataram…

Report by-



16th & 17th July, 2011


JGRVK has introduced a new tool for imparting education which is known as the interactive board. This effective board can be called ‘a little genius’ as it is immensely helpful. However, the training to operate this board needs lot of skill and practice. Therefore, a person from the EDURITE group had come to train the faculty of the school. Mr. Naveen conducted an interactive training session which was quite interesting and beneficial at the same time. Teachers were taught how to use the board easily with the board pen. The hardware part of the board was also shown.


The session went on extensively for two continuous days (16.7.11 & 17.7.11) and the teachers were given a chance to practice and learn. With the help of the board, the lesson plan, the study material, the research work etc can be prepared with great ease. You name it and the magic board will present it in front of you. Therefore, learning and understanding was never so easy before. The children of JGRVK are blessed because even they can use the board themselves for better understanding of the subject.


Teaching is not a job, it is a sacred task where teachers dedicate themselves to the task of innovation, exploration and implementation. In their sacred hands lie hundreds and thousands of citizens in making.

Student’s all round growth and development revolves round ‘Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation’ which provides a holistic approach to teaching-learning process that includes both scholastic and co-scholastic areas of a learner’s growth with particular reference to attributes, skill, scientific skill, sports, games and art education as well as co-curricular activities.

Considering its significance, an orientation programme on CCE was conducted on 18th July in JGRVK which was attended by Sri. S.B. Maheshwariya, Correspondent JGRVK along with all primary, middle and senior teachers from all faculties. The main essence of this interactive orientation programme is to motivate the teachers to strengthen the children so that they can spread their wings and venture into the fantastic realm of education, literature, technology, human values, aesthetic values and emotive elements in their lives.

Report by



16th July, 2011


Vidya Bharathi Karnataka conducted distric level chess tournament at Maharishi Akastya Vidyalaya, Shivajinagar on July 16th, 2011. Out of four categories, our children, were the runners up in three categories.

Junior girls: Ashwini K-VII, Megha-VIII and Anusha-VII
Junior Boys: Adith-VIII, Bharath-VIII, and Harsh S-VI
Senior girls: Neha-IX, Pranitha-IX and Nandana M-IX




19th July, 2011

English handwriting competition

Report on handwriting competition.

Strokes and curves                                 
Handwriting ties us to the thoughts and deeds of our forebears and serves as an irrevocable link to our humanity. Handwriting teaches people the spelling and helps them to connect more intimately with the language they are writing in.


At JGRVK, we understand the significance of handwriting  and therefore organized a handwriting  competition for students of classes I and II on 19th July. This competition was held twice as a part of CCE and six best students were selected from each section of I and II standard.
JGRVK Principal Kum. Minakshi and Smt. Jayanthi Rajkumar graced the occasion.

The students of classes I and II wrote a small paragraph beautifying it with appropriate strokes and curves. The writing of these kids were admired by teachers and students of JGRVK.

28th July, 2011

Fresh Vegetables: the true medicine of the young minds

Vegetables are a big part of the food pyramid. In fact, without them, the most effective nutritional values would crumble down. Vegetables provide vitamins and minerals essential to health and well-being. In fact, higher consumption of vegetables can lower the risk of serious ailments, including cancer and heart disease.

This competition aimed at cultivating a lifetime habit of  consuming fresh and nutritious vegetables among kids. Our kids understood that eating vegetables is important for good health. A similar type of activity was conducted in UKG  classes. Best five kids from each section were selected for the final competition.

photo 1

28th July 2011(Tuesday), was a great day for the kids of the UKG section. Not only the participants but whole of the UKG section was geared up for a Vegetable day activity (memory test).They all looked energetic as though they were filled in with all nutrients of the vegetables.

Wow! All the UKG team teachers looked very fresh with green costumes showing the significance of the day.

The children assembled in the multipurpose hall eagerly waiting for the start of, for the vegetable day activity.
The programme commenced with Deepa Prajwalan  and was followed by the prayer sung by our super kids. The winners for the vegetable day activity was chosen on the basis of the students ability to identify the name, colour and the nutritious value of the vegetable.
 Smt.Niraj, Principal of Shishu mandir, community college, was the chief guest of the occasion. Along with her Kumari Minakshi Das (Principal- JGRVK), Smt.Jayanthi Rajkumar (Head Mistress –JGRVK) graced the occasion.

The members of the Jury were:
1. Sailaja –co-ordinator fro Pre-KG
2. Jayalakshmi –co-ordinator fro L.K.G

29th July, 2011


‘Eat healthy fruits and vegetables’ is a common statement by all doctors. But have you ever thought, my dear children, why do they say so? Here is the answer to the aforementioned question….     

In this regard, ‘Fruits day’ was conducted to make the children familiar with the names of fruits, their colours and taste. They also learnt that fruits are very  good for health. The essence of the programme  was to encourage them to eat a fruit everyday.

A similar type of activity was conducted in the respective classes as a part of CCE. The best five students from each section who identified the maximum number of fruits were selected for the competition.

Fruits day was conducted on 29th June 2011(Wednesday) at 10.00 am in the multipurpose hall.

Smt.Veda Kadli an Ayurvedic Doctor was the chief guest of the programme. Sri.Maheshwaraiah(correspondent of the school) Ms.Minakshi Das(Principal JGRVK) Smt.Jayanthi Rajkumar(Head Mistress, Primary section) graced the function.

Children were asked to identify the fruits and their colour by the members of the jury Smt. Indu and Smt. Sailaja, co-ordinators of pre-primary wing. The best three from each section were selected on the basis of their excellent performance. The event was very colourful ,enjoyable and educative.
The winners of the competition were.

Report submitted by







Investiture  ceremony


To equip the society with citizen who have sound qualities of mind, body and soul is the vision of JGRVK. It has always been  a mission of enlightening the society to fulfill this responsibility.

JGRVK organized an Investiture ceremony to delegate the authority and responsibility on young leaders, who are the future citizens of the country.


The chief guest for the day was Sri. Rama Subba Retd. SP.
He honored the school Cabinet by pinning the badges for the school Captain, Vice-Captain, Sports Captain, Sports Vice-Captain, Eco club Captains and Prefects.


This was followed by the oath taking ceremony by the school cabinet members.


Through his speech he motivated and inspired the students to become efficient leaders and serve the society through the school. The other dignitaries were Sri.Dinesh Hegde, General secretary, Rashtrotthana Parishat, Sri Maheshwaraiah, Correspondent,JGRVK, Sri.Rangaraj Iyengar member JGRVK and Kum.Minakshi Das Principal JGRVK.

Bandh mein JGRVK ka Nibandh
JGRVK, the one year old institution has a rock solid foundation of Panchamukhi Shikshana. It upholds a great mission in front of us. In other words, it claims to empower students with ageless cultural values and the spirit of patriotism in order to develop into holistic persons with character, compassion, scientific temper and global outlook.  

In order to develop the writing skills our Literary club of the Middle Senior section had organized an Essay Writing Competition. Initially, the competition was held in the class as a part of CCE. Among them the best six were selected for the final round. This programme was honoured by our Principal Kum. Minakshi Das and the presence of our Chief Guest Shri. Maheswariahji added more grace and honour to this competition.
The topics for the competition are as follows:

VI: Meri Paatshala
VII: Rashtreeya thyohar
VIII: Pradooshan ek samasya
IX: Vigyan ka chamatkar

The winners of the competition are as follows:

Grade VI

Grade VII

Grade VIII

Grade IX

  1. Rithika (Nalanda)
  2. Sneha (Vikramashila)
  3. Swathi Satish (Takshashila)


     1. Amrutha Sairam (Nalanda)
     2. Prachi  (Vikramashila)
     3. Sailesh (Kanchi)

    1. Tirtha  (Takshashila)
     2. Nikhil (Takshashila)
     3. Gitika Gupta    (Kanchi)
     4. Nandana  (Vikramashila)

  1. Bhavana.M (Vikramashila) 
  2. Pruthvi Tarun 
  3. Pranitha (Kanchi)
  4. Gagan.S.M(Nalanda)




4th Aug 2011

Nagara Panchami

Naga Panchami is a festival during which religious Hindus in some part of  India worship either images or live Nagas on the fifth day after Amavasya in the month of Shraavana. Naga panchami is an auspicious festival for the hindus. This day ladies worship snakes offering milk and flowers. Our school celebrated Naga Panchami on 4th July, 2011.  The day commenced with a puja by Vadiraj (teacher). He then explained the significance of Naga Panchami festival.  Shruthi V. and Kriti.D of IV B also spoke about the method of performing the puja and the Indian states where this puja is perfomed. The programme concluded with Vande Matharam

Report by:
Usha Manickam  (Teacher)


6th Aug 2011

Visit to ISCON

Sprititual enrichment is one of the aspects of our Panchamukhi Shikshana. The students of middle and senior sections visited the Iscon Temple on 6th of August 2011 to enrich their spiritual quotient.  Students of grade VI-IX assembled to School as usual. After the assembly they alighted the school bus with their respective Class Teachers and two of their subject teachers to the temple. The children enjoyed the journey singing, and playing. The temple was crowded as it was a weekend. The children had the ‘darshana’ of the presiding deity, Lord Sri Krishna.  The children did do little shopping within the temple premises. They bought few idols, photographs, key rings of Lord Krishna for their near and dear ones. It was a coincidence that the visit was arranged on the shravana shanivara , an auspicious day for Lord Vishnu. On the whole the visit was a memorable experience.

Report by:
Anupama Chandrashekar.  (Teacher)


9th Aug 2011

English recitation competition. Calling Little Poets

Reciting raises retention. When you know you are going to recite something in your own words, you pay more attention. It forces you to remember in a much better way. Recitation promotes concentration and forms a sound basis for understanding the following paragraph. It ensures that facts and ideas are remembered accurately. At JGRVK, a recitation competition for students of classes I and II was organized on Tuesday, the 9th of August 2011. This competition was held twice as a part of CCE and we selected the best five students from each section. The panel of judges were Sri.Ramesh (English faculty for “Vikasa Vidhya Kendra”) and Smt.Thirumani (resource person for JGRVK and RVK). Principal (JGRVK), Kum. Minakshi Das and Smt. Jayanthi Rajkumar (headmistress, Primary Section ) added extra elegance to the occasion. The students of classes I and II, so called our “Little Poets” recited the poetry with actions and expressions. Each ‘little poet’ exhibited their talents wonderfully and enthusiastically. The jury admired all the kids in particular and the event in general.


Report by:
B.Pallavi Natasha  (Teacher)


11th Aug 2011

Patriotic singing competition

Patriotic singing competition was conducted in the school on 13.08.2011. Activity on patriotic singing was conducted by the music teacher as a part of regular CCE for students of classes’ I-V during regular class hours. Competition was held at two different venues at our school premises. Competition for classes I & II held at prayer hall-2 and for classes III-V held at prayer hall -1. The programme commenced with deepa prajwalan at 9.30 a.m by the chief guests Smt. Niveditha and Smt. Vindhya. Smt. Niveditha (a parent of our school) and our pre-primary teacher Smt. Gowri were the judges for classes III – V , Smt. Vindhya (Faculty Vikasa Vidya Kendra) and our pre-primary teacher Smt. Chitra were the judges for classes I & II. Students came prepared with beautiful songs. Vande mataram, Sare jahan se accha, Jayathi jayathi bharatha matha, Honge kamyab, Chandan he is desh ki maati etc. are some of the songs sung by them. The program was concluded with vote of thanks by one of the students.


Report by:
Jeyalakshmi    (music teacher)


13th Aug 2011


Rakhi Celebration: Relationships are the essence of festivity

Building new relationships is the essence of any festivity. Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of the loving bond between brothers and sisters. On this day siblings pray for each others’ well being and wish for their happiness, safety and long life. A symbolic thread of Rakhi is strong enough to create an eternal bond between the brother and sister. Along with Raksha Bhandan, we also celebrated other programs like Sri Aurobindo Jayanthi and Sanskrit Day. The programme started with Deepa Prajwalam and invocation of the blessings of goddess Saraswathi. Our beloved Principal, Kum. Minakshi Das welcomed the gathering and gave the keynote address. The honorable Correspondent Sri S B Maheshwariah (Correspondent, JGRVK) and Chief Guest of the day Sri Rangraj Iyengarji (Member, Governing Council JGRVK) graced the occasion. The day’s attraction was the participation of all the children in tying of Rakhi to each other. Students spoke about the occasion. Geeta, our Sanskrit teacher then spoke about Sanskrit language and highlighted that Sanskrit is the mother of all the languages. This was followed by a Sanskrit group song presented by our teachers. Our chief guest Sri Rangraj Iyengarji spoke of ,all the three events with his inspirational words and motivated our students and teachers.

The entire program was followed by a small dance performed by our tiny tots.. Smt Jayanthi Rajkumar (headmistress-Primary section) then gave the vote of thanks. The day’s events came to an end with the recital of Vande Mataram.

Reported by:
V. Manjula (teacher)


15th Aug 2011


It was yet another proud moment for students of JGRVK as we celebrated the 64th Independence Day on 15th Aug 2011,Monday. The chief guest for the day was Shri Jagjit Singh Anand, Retd. Air Commodore. Along with him the other dignitaries present on the occasion were Shri.Dwarakanathji, Secretary, JGRVK, Smt. Asha Ashok, Joint secretary, JGRVK. The programme commenced with the lighting of lamp and invocation. Flag hoisting was done by the chief guest. This was followed by march past by the four houses- Nalanda, Kanchi, Vikramshila, and Takshashila. Karate, Yoga and PT display added more colours to the Independence Day celebration. The cultural programme was followed by prize distribution. Students who participated in Inter-School competition were recognized and rewarded. The guest Shri Anand in his address inspired and motivated the students through the story of Bhagat Singh and Iqbal.Dwarakanathji spoke about Chandrashekhar Azad and his patriotic spirit.

The programme concluded at 11.00 am with Vande Mataram and sweet distribution.


Report by:
Anitha A. (Teacher)


15th Aug 2011

A report on the most Presentable Class.

Physical environment moulds the child’s personality which is an integral part of the holistic education. Considering its importance, students are motivated to make the class rooms beautiful and decorative, which means not just to clean and tidy the place, but actively beautify it. It is a concrete physiological experience, that when they become cleaner inside, their thoughts become cleaner and emotions flow freely. Considering its essence, JGRVK has introduced the most presentable trophy which will be presented to the most deserving class on monthly basis. Regular checks and surprise visits are conducted to ensure whether the students have implemented the same value systems inculcated among them. The Most Presentable Class Trophy for the month of July ’11 went to Grade IV (A) & V(A). Class teachers Kum. Gurmit Kaur & Smt. Usha Manickam along with the class leaders received the trophy from Smt. Asha Ashok, Jt. Secretary, JGRVK on 15th August 2011.


A report on the Most Punctual Class.

Punctuality plays an important role in the sphere of discipline which is the essence of a healthy educational institution. It is a hall mark so far as the overall personality development of the student is concerned. It is one of the important icons which revolves round the holistic education. Understanding its importance, JGRVK has introduced the most Punctual Class Trophy based on the daily attendance of the students on monthly basis. This award for the month of July ’11 was presented by the Chief Guest (Retd., ) Air Commodore, Sri. Jagjit Singh Anand, on 15th August 2011 to the Grade V (B) & IX respectively. Smt. Manjula.V and Smt. Shivaleela along with the class leaders received the trophy.


A report on the Most Generous Class

To develop strong human values like care, concern, compassion, love and sympathy among the children for the destitute, the down trodden and the deprived, JGRVK introduced the Most Generous Class Trophy. This award was presented to Grade VIII, who contributed generously towards the noble cause of charity. (Retd.) Air Commodore Sri. Jagit Singh Anand honoured the Class Teacher Smt. Anupama Chandrashekar along with the class leaders.


Report by:
Anupama Chandrashekar (Teacher)


16th Aug 2011

Kannada essay writing competition

With the growth of the human beings, the development of the human brain is also equally important. In this regard, JGRVK conducted several activities within the school campus and the Kannada Essay writing competition was just one of them. If a student wants to excel in his life, he needs to improve his knowledge and through this essay writing competition, it will further enhance the same. Through this competition, students are exposed to learn new things in life and can apply the same in his life as well. On 16.8.11, a Kannada Essay Writing completion was held for classes III-Vth standard. The guests of the programme were Kum. Minakshi Das, Principal JGRVK, Kum. Prathima (Primary teacher of Vikasa Vidya Kendra) and Jayanthi Rajkumar (headmistress, Primary section.) the topics were announced on the spot by the chief guest Kum. Prathima. The students write quite well for the programme and were appreciated greatly by the chief guest.

Report by:
Lokesh  (Teacher)


16th Aug 2011

Kannada Essay writing competition

JGRVK the one year old institution has a rock solid foundation of panchamukhi Shikshana with a great mission in front of us-“To empower our students to excel academically imbibing in them ageless cultural values and the spirit of patriotism in order to develop into holistic persons with character compassion scientific temper and global outlook”.

In order to develop the writing skills our literary club the middle senior section had organized an essay writing competition on 16th August 2011, at 9.30am. Firstly the competition was held in the class as part of their CCE. Among them the best 5 were selected for the final round. This programme was honoured by our Principal Kum. Minakshi Das and the presence of our chief guest Kum. Prathima added more grace for this competition.


Report by:
NANDINI .P (Teacher)


17th Aug 2011

English seminar

A seminar is a meeting where papers on a specific issue are delivered for the increase of knowledge on the concerned subject. The purpose is to arrive at the truth of the issue which is enormous considering the extent of knowledge that man has gained to observation, experimentation and inference. In the light of this three aforementioned, it is possible to have divergent viewpoints & yet agree in the final analysis even though the deliberation may be apparently contradictory as each person has his own say. It is only through debate & analysis that a point can be filtered down to the objective at stake. That is why the debates are held to discover the truth and seminars are disguised debates which appear harmless and yet very meaningful and logical. The rationale expressed by the participants is evaluated by one and all & outcome of the material exchanged is given a compartment to be handled by a panel of adjudicators who are wizards at analyzing the necessary result. They may even express an opinion to the serve the objective of the seminar.

Considering its significance JGRVK organized a seminar based on the topics “The Age of Computers” for grade VI and “The age of advertisement” for grade VII, on 17th Aug, 2011. This competition was held as a part of CCE in the respective classes and seven students were selected from each class respectively.

Smt.Swarnalatha ,Msc.Mphil. Pragramme Manager UNISYS and Smt.Anupama Chandrashekar Senior teacher JGRVK were the members of the jury. Sri.S.B.Maheshwaraiah , Correspondent JGRVK, Kum.Minakshi Das principal and Head Mistress(Primary Wing) Smt.Jayanthi Rajkumar graced the occasion. Harsh P, Sailendran and Sneha R along with Neha Jayan secured First, Second & Third positions respectively from grade VI. The winners of grade VII are Sailesh, Pranav K, Gnana Soundarya along with varsha B.


Report by:
Prema Surendran (Teacher)


19th Aug 2011

Krishna janmashtami

Whenever there is any evil, there is birth of some spiritual leaders. These ‘AVATARS’ were sent by the Almighty Himself to put an end to crime and evil. In this regard, Lord Krishna was born to put an end to the evils of the society during the Puranas.Krishna is also known as ‘Bal Gopala’ in his childhood and was famous for his incidents of ‘makhan chori’. JGRVK campus was full of fun and colours on the auspicious occasion of Krishna Janmastamni on 19th August,2011. The programe was graced by Sri.S.B.Maheswariah (Correspondent, JGRVK), Principal Kum. Minakshi Das and Headmistress of the Primary Section, Jayanthi Rajkumar. The welcome address was proposed by Smt.Usha Manickam.The entire Pre-Primary Section was decked up beautifully as Radha and Krishna. They really looked very sweet. We had dance, pot breaking, singing for the programme. Students and teachers even spoke about the programme. The most unique part of our programme was the dance by little kanhyas and Radhas dressed in the colourful attire. They made the school “Nanda Gokula” by dancing on their tiny feet. The teachers also danced with them like Yashoda and Devakima.The middle and senior students belonging to various houses performed the ‘matka phod’ by forming pyramids which was the highlight of the program,it made the audience sit on their toes to know who will break the pot first.The winner of matka phod was Kanchi House. Finally vote of thanks was proposed by Sri. Govind, senior Hindi faculty.The programme was concluded by Vande Matram .On the whole, the day started with lots of energy and fun.


Report by:
Paromita Moitra  (Teacher)


24th Aug 2011


Art is the first language of human beings when they made benedictions on the walls of caves. Art makes learning enjoyable when a child observes colours in his or her environment. In view of making our children imaginative and creative. In order to promote and inculcate artistic skills in our children a colouring competition was organized by JGRVK on 24th August 2011 for LKG. Students took active part in this competition and were asked to colour the given picture. The programme was graced by Shri.Rangaraj Iyengarji, member of the governing council (JGRVK) shri.Maheswaraiah correspondent(JGRVK), Kumari.Minakshi Das, Principal(JGRVK) and Smt.Jayanathi Rajkumar, Head Mistress primary wing (JGRVK). To adjudge various pictures created by our children was a difficult task but some of them were considered the best from LKG ‘A’. Kavana.M, Padmini H,Aryan Mishra,Samyuktha Rajagopal,from ‘B’ sec. Kabini.M,Janani.J,Deeptha .J,from‘C;sec Ananya G.K,Rahul.R,Rohit,R,from ‘D’sec Vignesh.R,Divaakar.S,Suri.L.S,from‘E’sec AdwitaUnnithan,ShrayanKumar.G, Sarvika B.SRao, Samyami.V, from‘F’sec Sheyansh.N, Vimuktha, Devika.S, from‘G’secDeepsika.S, Thanuja.J, Aashrita.N, Harshit.N, Tushit Vijay, from ‘H’sec Charith, Shristi MIttal, Minathi.B and Vrunda.S.C.


Report by:
Jayalakshmi.K.R  (LKG Co-ordinator)


25th Aug 2011


Elocution is a platform, where a child can exhibit and master the communication skills. Elocution includes the body language, the tone and facial expressions while delivering a speech. Elocution competition builds confidence, clarity in speech, strengthens skills, builds vocabulary, improves pronunciation, knowledge, listening skills, reading skills and overcomes shyness and stage fear. Thursday the 25th August was a great day for the kids of UKG, not only the participants but whole of UKG section was geared up for the ELOCUTION COMPETITION. The little Vivekenandas of UKG were all geared up to voice out their powerful speeches. The teachers were also full of confidence that their wards will speak confidently. The venue for the elocution was decorated with some quotes of great personalities and charts were displayed. The programme started with Deepa Prajwal followed by school prayer sung by our children. The theme for the Elocution competition was “VOCABULARY, CLARITY OF SPEECH & PRONUNCIATION & CONFIDENCE. Principal Kumari Minakshi Das and headmistress of the primary section Smt. Jayanthi Rajkumar graced the occasion. The winners of the competition were Sumukha, Chandan, Sai Jeevan from UKG- A, Chinmayi.s.Hegde, Jagruthi, Samiksha, Hemanth Srivatsa, Mahanthi from UKG B, Bhoomika, Purvi, Madhav from UKG C, Jyotsna, Jeevan, Sri Bhagath from UKG D, Nandana, Aadya, Nikitha.B from UKG E, Tarun, Aditi, Pragathi priya, Manmitha from UKG F, and Shwetha, Pooja, Manasvi, and Sai Krishna from UKG G.


Report by :
Smt Indu (UKG Co-ordinator)


25th Aug 2011

Eye check-up camp

An eye-check up camp was held in the JGRVK school campus for students of I-IX. Eye specialists had come from ‘Zamindar Microsurgical Eye Centre’ to check the eyes of the children. They visited on 25th August, 26th August and 30th August respectively. The students of the school were greatly benefitted for such a camp. The specialists concluded that many had problem of refractive error which can be corrected with proper precaution and measures. Therefore, students are suggested to visit the eye clinic as early as possible.


Report by :
Paromita Moitra (Teacher)


26th Aug 2011


Clay modeling is an aesthetic continuum that extends from our early civilization. The main objective of organizing this competition is to bring the students closer to nature, make them to touch and feel the texture of clay and to motivate the children and help them in developing their motor skills and creative activity as well. The theme for the Clay modeling competition is to mould various innovative figures of Lord Ganesha. As it is one of the most celebrated festivals in our country. This festival meant to glorify the birth of Lord Ganesha. In order to bring awareness to our children about our culture and tradition which has been followed from ages, JGRVK conducted the clay modeling competition on 26/8/2011 at 2.30 PM. This event was honored by our beloved Principal Kum. Minakshi Das and Headmistress Smt Jayanthi Rajkumar and the presence of our Correspondent Sri S B Maheshwariah brought pleasure and honor to this competition. The winners are Pavan Kumar and Hemyavarman V E from VIth standard, Deepak C and Habishek T E from VIIIth standard. Among the girls, the winners were Nivedha from VII, Anusha S from VII th standard, Sandhya C from VIII th standard and lastly Anurag from IXth standard.


Report by:
Anupama Chandrasekhar (Teacher)


26th Aug 2011


Corruption is a global phenomenon. Today, more and more countries have realized the impact of corrupt practices. But in India corruption levels have increased substantially with the passage of time. The level of corruption has moved upward from petty corruption to corruption of the highest form.

The anti-corruption drive, inspired by Anna Hazare, has drawn the crowd from various walks of life from different parts of the country to raise their voice against corruption. This 74-year-old got India’s Facebook and Twitter generation to step out of Coffee bars, chuck their designer caps, headphones and Ray Bans for ‘Gandhi topis ‘and wave the tricolor and shout “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”

When the country is changing hats in the fortnight, JGRVK, did its bit by observing “A day against Corruption” on 26th of August 2011.Banners were tied at the entrance , posters and sloganeering against corruption was prepared by the students of classes 6 to 9 and displayed. The students delivered motivating speeches followed by a teacher also highlighted about the topic. At the end of the day the children watched a short documentary film on how corruption takes its ugly roots in the society. Teachers lit diyas and gave it to the students, and the staff held lighted lamps in their hands and pledged that they will neither give nor take bribe and they will fight corruption. Perhaps, we need a thousand such ANNA HAZARES to fight and destroy the monster.


Report by:
Anupama Chandrasekhar (Teacher)


27th Aug 2011


JGRVK had organized Fancy Dress competition for Pre – Kg section on 27th August, 2011(Saturday) between 10.00am to 11.30am. The main objective of this programme was to promote confidence level among children. It is based on our Indian tradition, culture and nature and many such issues. The children dressed up in different costumes were looking very bright and pretty. Parents also graced the function. The winners from Pre- Kg A were Preethem Prakash, Sadhana.K, Rohan.K.Bhat, Hanika, Nithya, Purnitha, Rishi, Tejas Vikram, Mayankh, V.Revanth Vijay, Devika Prakash, Sinchana Sagar, Vishnu Bharadwaj, from Pre- Kg B were Rakshitha, Sri Vikram, Ramya, Vedika Shree, Koushik, Sachika, Shreyas, Sai Pranav, Sai Bharathi, from Pre- Kg C were Nikitha kumar, Nakul sreekumar, Srinidhi S Kerur, yuktha Sahasra, Nethra, Yaduraj, Diya S Menon, Krish, Pre- Kg D were Aadesh, Arush, deepika, Prajwal, Prateek, Rithwik, Eeshanvi, Bhavanaa, Aahana, Dhriti, Sahasra, Pre- Kg E were Ashmitha, Keerthana, Manasvini Rao, Prathish S., Pujitha V., Shriya Karanjekar, Trisha Raina and Pre- Kg F were Advaith, Sumit, Aneesh, Bhargav, Manvika, Tanush, Soumil, Abhinav Adithya, Purvh Sharma, Krishna Tejaswini, and Deepasree.


Report by:
Sailaja .S.(LKG Co-ordinator)


27th Aug 2011


Vidya Bharathi Karnakata had conducted Throw Ball Competition on 27.08.2011 at RVK Thanisandra. The children from JGRVK were the runners up in the competition. The names of the runners up are: Nehal, Nandana, Neha, Deepak, Nandana, Deepthi, Shreyas, Sandhya, Pranitha, Bharath, Megha, Bhavana, Nikhil, Madhurima, Anusha, Chandramou, Lakshmi, Kirani, Adith, Nandana, Sushanth, Neha, Bharath, Megha, Joel, Deepthi, Shreyas, Ashwini, Anuragh, Bhavana, Vidya Bharathi Karnakata Had conducted Table Tennis Competition on 27.08.2011 at RVK Thanisandra. Our Children were Runner's Up in Three Categories and winners in Junior Girls. Junior girls selected for the state level. The names of the winners are: Adith, Bharath, Shreyas, Nandana M, Megha, Ashwini K, Sushanth, Joel, Anuragh, Neha, Deepthi and Bhavana.


Report by:
Devendran (Sports teacher)


29th & 30th Aug 2011


An Art Competetion based on ‘Ganesha drawing and clay modeling ‘was held in the Vikasa Shool on 29- 08 – 2001 & 30 – 08 - 2001. The winners of this competition were Ashwin, Mohak and Chatura.


Report by:
Ananth kumar (Art teacher)


30th Aug 2011

Gauri Pooja

JGRVK also celebrated Gauri pooja on 30TH August. The idol of Goddess Gauri was brought to JGRVK with a lot of fanfare. The face of the Goddess was is made with coconut. The Kalash contained 5 beetal leaves and then consecrated with mantras, and Aarti was by performed by Mr Vadiraj as per Vidhi (performing rituals based on the Panchang or the right and auspicious timings).


Report by:
Usha (Teacher)


August 2011


NIE classes are held to improve the reading and communication skills of the students. It also motivates the children to learn and know about the world in a better way. These classes were organized from classes V – IX in the JGRVK campus in second and fourth week of every month. The topics discussed were Skill Enhancing Game (Part I), Skill Enhancing Game (Part II), Quiz time (Part II), Listening Skill (part II), Know your Country (Part II) etc . The resource person who came to conduct the class was Smt. Sheela Prabhu. The activities that were selected and sent to ‘The Hindu’ are Investiture ceremony, Independence Day, Fruits Day, Vegetables Day, Colouring Competition, Eco- Club Activity respectively.

Report by:
Veena Devanand(NIE- Coordinator)


August 2011


The very name of the club i.e. ‘ECO-CLUB’ suggests that JGRVK is conscious enough to educate the students to become eco-friendly. In a broader aspect, the students here, learn the basic care that has to be taken for a little sapling which is like a newborn baby. The school campus has some plants which are well taken care of by the students of the ECO CLUB. In the process, they get to learn how to plant a little sapling and observe its growth. Accordingly, they are also asked to plant a sapling at home so that they can bring it for the school exhibition when it takes place. On the whole, the students learn to love, protect and preserve Mother Nature. Moreover, they also understand the concept of afforestation and the adverse effects of deforestation responsible for global warming.


Report by:                                                                                                                                              
Smt Shivaleela (Eco club in charge)


August 2011


Regular orientation programmes are held for the Pre-primary teachers twice a week for the proper grooming of the teachers. Smt. Thirumani was responsible for taking the orientation classes. The main objective of such orientation programme is to keep the teachers up to date about the various teaching methods and techniques. In the process, the teachers were greatly benefitted and they are able to give their best to the children. Some of the topics of the orientation programme were Enrichment of vocabulary/Arithmetic, English Phonetics, Arithmatic number system, Decimal system etc. The teachers understand each topic better and they can now easily teach the students in a much effective manner.


Report by:
Smt. Thirumani (Teacher)

1st Sep 2011

State level competition

Vidya Bharathi Karnataka had conducted State Level Badminton and Table Tennis tournaments at Adarsha Phalike High School Dharward, on 1st September 2011. Our children won prizes in the following categories. The winners of Junior Girls Table Tennis are Nandana M– VIII, Ashwini K – VIII, Amrutha – VIII and Vinitha – VIII, Junior Girls Badminton are Lakshmi – VIII, Sandhya – VIII,Megha – VIII, Pooja Raju – VIII and Subha Harika – VIII, Junior Boys Badminton are Agilesh – VI, Aakash – VII, Sailesh – VII, Vishal – VII and Shilendran – VI, Senior Girls Badminton Runners are Neha N Rao – IX, Deepti – IX, Pranitha – IX,Bhavana – IX and Rasagzna-IX, Senior Boys Badminton Runners are Shushant – IX, Joel – IX, Anuraag Anush – IX, Gagan – IX, and Pruthvi Tarun – IX


Report by:
G.Devendran(Sports Incharge)


3rd Sep 2011

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most popular Hindu festivals. This is the birthday of Lord Ganesha. It is the day most sacred to Lord Ganesha. Ganesh Chaturthi is a very important festival that is celebrated across India over a period of 10 days. He is known to be the Lord of Power and Wisdom. He is the Lord who is believed to remove all obstacles from the path of a spiritual aspirant, and bestows upon him worldly as well as spiritual success. He is the Lord of Harmony and Peace. It is believed that worshipping Lord Ganesha during the festival will bring Good luck and Prosperity to the family.

JGRVK also celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi in a grand way in order to bring Prosperity and Harmony to all of us. Ms. Shivaleela (teacher) and Gitika Gupta of class VIII spoke about the significance of Ganesh Chaturthi ,which was followed by various cultural activities like group song , dance, mime performed by students of classes I, V and VIII. Lord Ganesh’s idol was taken around the school premises for all the students and teachers to take the blessing of the God. Visarajan or immersion pooja of Lord Ganesh was performed by Mr. Vadiraj. But Lord Ganesh promises to return again the following year and every time the devotees long for Him. Ganapati Bappa Morya!! Mangal murthy Morya. The program concluded with Vande Mataram and Prasad distribution.

Report by:
Usha (Teacher)


5th Sep 2011

Teacher’s day

The best teacher is the one who suggests rather than dogmatizes, and inspires his listener with the wish to teach himself.”

Teacher’s Day is that momentous event where students engage in unbridled capacity to shower their love, adoration and respect to their teachers. Teacher’s Day was celebrated with joy and fervor on 5th Sept. 2011in the JGRVK premises. The Programme started during the morning assembly with Principal and Teachers paying floral tributes to the picture of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. The senior students of classes VIII and IX presented flowers to all the teachers. Kumari Sandhya of class-VIII gave a short speech highlighting the significance of the birthday of a great teacher Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, who was a staunch believer of education, and was the well-known diplomat, scholar, president of India and above all a teacher. After lunch break the students presented a colorful entertainment programme which included songs, dances and surprise games like bursting the balloons, bombing the city and obstacle race were planned by the students. The programme ended with messages dedications from all the students for the respective subject teachers. In the evening there was another inspiring session arranged by the JGRVK management for our teachers to motivate them and inculcate some of the great principles of Sri Dr. Radhakrishnan. The Chief Guest of the evening programme was Prof. Gundu Rao. He then graced the programme and guided, motivated and inspired our teachers to be passionate towards their profession. He honored our teachers by giving them a token of appreciation in the form of books and blessings.


Report by:
V.Manjula (Teacher) 


7th Sep 2011

Yoga Session for Teachers

Three things are necessary for a bird to fly, the two wings and the tail as a rudder for steering. Jnana is one wing, Bhakti is the other wing and yoga is the tail that keeps the balance of the bird. As we know that each soul is potentially divine, the goal is to manifest this divinity within by controlling nature; both external and internal. One can perform this either by worship or psychic control and can be free. This is the basic concept of religion. Yoga unfolds a new depth to our lives i.e ‘enjoy both peak and valley’. Be happy with the Peak and relax in the valley. In order to imbibe this rich philosophy in the minds of the staffs of JGRVK Smt. Sarada Devi, an intellect of Yoga conducted a session for the teaching and admin staff on 7th Sept. in the school premises. Yoga today is essentially a way of life that integrates the means of harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit. It is all about a series of postures, breathing exercises and meditation. The popularity of yoga and meditation is increasing day by day because human lives have become immensely stressful.

Report by:


8th Sep 2011

English handwriting competition

The English handwriting competition was held on 8th September,2011 for classes III-V. Since, handwriting lays extreme importance on the character of a person, the literary club of JGRVK had organized a handwriting competition to boost the confidence level of the students. A good handwriting not only impresses the viewer but also creates a satisfactory feeling to the writer. In such a competition, you get to prove your writing skills as well. Moreover, it’s the style of your writing that will make all the difference. The selected students of the classes wrote with great zeal and vigour. The presence of the PrincipaI, Kum. Meenakshi Das and Headmistress of the primary section, Smt. Jayanthi Rajkumar made the programme all the more special. The winners were: Aakash D, Shreya Reddy and Varsha Shankar from III-A, Bhargavi, Kriti Devatha and Trisha R from III-B, Minumudi Rithvika, Madhumitha S and Vishnu Priya P. from IV-A, Krithi Deshpande, Amith Vishnu and Shreenidhi M from IV B, D.Koushik, Kiran Poorna Vishnu and Rakshith M from V-A, and lastly Deeksha Murali, Trupti G and G.S.S Trivikram from V-B.


Report by:
Paromita Moitra (Teacher)


8th Sep 2011


Onam is celebrated in the month of “CHIMGAM” as per Malayalam calander. It is a festival for ten days with the first floral decoration called pookalam starting with ‘ATTAM’ the star. This time onwards the pookalam gets everyday bigger and bigger with TIRUVOONAM being the festival day.

Everybody is familiar with the story of Mahabali and it only suggests that goodness will always win over evil. On this auspicious day people decorate in front of their houses with floral decoration called “POOKALAM” with different verities of flowers. So we at JGRVK too celebrated Onam in the school assembly area where a pookalm was decorated and teachers performed THIRUVATHIRA DANCE around the pookalam. One of our office staff Vadiraj and his team played “PANCHAVADYAM” which is a traditional musical form of Kerala (Chenda, Madalam, Shanka, talam and trumpet) along with KATHAKALI performed by one of our teachers.

Report by:
Indu ( Co-ordinator)


10th Sep 2011


The Rangoli competition was held on 10th September,2011 for students of Classes VI-IX. The students took part in the competition actively. The ground floor corridor was looking very colourful with the colours of rangoli. On the whole the event was quite bright and the students enjoyed to a great extent. The winners of the completion were Akilesh A.S., Sanjana S, Pavan Kumar and Sri Sai Chandana Pallem from Class VI, from VII we have Neha D., Pranav K., Roshini.V and Shruthi K.S., from VIII th standard the winners were Ashwini K., Ashwini S., Nandana M. Chandrat and Rasaz and lastly from IXth standard there were Anurag Anush, Prudhvi Tharun, Joel George and Sushanth S.


Report by :
Ananth kumar (Art teacher)


10th Sep 2011

Punctual Class for the month of August

Punctuality is one thing which is very important any phase of life. If you want to achieve success in any domain, you need to be punctual. The students of JGRVK also know the significance of being punctual. Moreover, the love for school also brings the students to their educational institution every day. For the month of August the most punctual class trophy goes to class IX and class VI with 100% attendance. KEEP IT UP!!!


Presentable Class for the month of August

It is quite well-known that ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’. JGRVK highly prioritizes the aforementioned statement. Time and again the students are reminded to keep the rooms clean and tidy. Moreover, they should also keep their soft boards neat and decorate it as per requirement. All the classes are following these guidelines. However, for the month of August, the most presentable class trophy is bagged by II-B. The class teacher is Gayatri. We wish them, CONGRATS!!!


Report by:
Prema surendar (Teacher)


13th Sep 2011

Shloka recitation competition

Shloka recitation competition was conducted in the school on 13.09.2011. Activity on shloka recitation was conducted by the teacher as a part of CCE for students of classes I & II during school hours. Competition for classes I & II was held at prayer hall. The programme commenced with deepa prajwalan at 9.30 a.m by the chief guest Smt Shridevi. Shri Mailarappa and Smt.Shridevi were the judges for classes I & II. Class I students came prepared with Ganesha and Saraswathi shlokas. Class II students came prepared with Bhagavad geetha and Ramayana shlokas. Final winners were selected by the judges.

The winners of the competiton are:
Renu.N;Shri Dhanalakshimi. M; Yajushi; Gowri Krishnan Nair; Dharshana Vijay; Dhwaneet.H Rao; Yasas Shri.S; Dharshana.S; Shalini.K.V; Anuradha. S; Siddharth.C.S; Keerthana.S; Amulya.S; Prakruthi; Pankaj Choudary; Rohan.R; Nachiketh; Ananya.P; Krithika Ranjani of Ist standard and Manaswi Koushik; Preetham .P.Athreya; Harshit Gowda.J; Niveditha Nair; Mita.N.Sirsikar; Muktha Gajanan Londhe; AbithaKuja.K.G; Rohini.M; Harshada.D; Subramanyam Shashank; Shrivatsav Thota of II standard.

Report by:
Geetha  (Teacher)

2nd October 2011

Gandhi Jayanthi And Lal Bhadur Shastri Jayanthi

Jai Jawan Jai Kisan

In the remembrance of two great leaders, our school celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi and Lal Bhadur Shastri Jayanthi on 2nd October. Students and teachers spoke on the occasion. Shri Rangaraj Iyengar Ji, spoke about the achievement of the great leader Lal Bhadur Shastri . Gandhi's favourite devotional song, Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram, and Vishnavo janato was sung in memory of him.


Smt. Usha. M
Mathematics Teacher


5th October 2011

Ayudha pooja

Ayudha pooja was celebrated on 5th October 2011 with a Homa & prayer so that our equipments work better for the success of school. Our school campus, buses, teaching aids were all decorated and worshipped as a token of our Bhakti and Shraddha.


Smt. Shree vidya
Science Teacher


6th October

Vijaya Dashami

“Vijaya Dashami” was celebrated on 6th October, 2011. It is an auspicious occasion for all of us. The tenth day of the Navaratri is known as Dashami. Homa and Puja were performed in this connection. On this day, Rama killed Ravana, hence the day is celebrated as vijayosava or victory of goodness over evil. It is a day to pray to Goddess Durga so that she will protect us from all kinds of perils. The registration process for the next academic year commenced from this auspicious day.

Smt. Paromita Moitra
Primary Teacher

11th October 2011

Shloka recitation competition

Shloka recitation competition was conducted on 11.10.2011 for students of classes III to V. Students came prepared with Krishnashtakam and Lingashtakam shlokas. The winners of the competition are: Gautham; Anirudh.S.R; Mahima.R; Bhavyashree of III standard and Anjana Mohan Kumar; G. Vishnupriya; Shreelakshmi; Harshitha.B; Raghav.S; Adwaith Pradeep of IV standard and Apurva Pothumarthi; Anisha Pattnaik; Lavanya.M; Trivikram.G.S.S; Lalith Manohar; Kenneth of V standard.


Sanskrit Teacher 


13th October 2011

Collage competition

Collage art competition was held on 13-10-2011. The Primary Section students showed great interest in art and creativity on the collage sheets. The winners of the competition are - Shanmukhapriya , Varsha S., Pooja Sriram &Rupasri .N , Dharshini .B & Nagadolika Sravya Mulpuri from IIIrd standard, Shawn Keith Stanislaus ,Deeksha , Yashila, Harshitha .A.S, Kishore, Deepakk, from IVth standard, and Bipin, Karthik, Saarika M, Prathyusha, Lalith Manohar, Trupthi G. from Vth standard.


Shri. Ananth kumar
Art teacher


15th Oct, 2011

Maharshi Valmiki Jayanti

Valmiki is the first poet of Sanskrit literature. He wrote Ramayana, one of the greatest epics of the Bharat. We celebrated his jayanti on 15.10.11. Teachers and students spoke on the importance of the programme. They also highlighted that it is an immortal epic which shall remain unique till the universe exists.

DSC01767 DSC01770

Smt. Manjula V
Nalanda House Mistress


15th October 2011

Quiz Competition

The Social Science club conducted the Inter House Social Science Quiz Competition for Middle & Senior Section on 15.10.2011 students belonging to different house participated in the Quiz. The students and the audience participated actively and made it a success. Nalanda house won the first place followed by Takshashila in second and Kanchi being the third.

Smt. Prema S
Vikramashila House Mistress


18th October 2011

Maths Quiz competition

Maths Club organized a Quiz competition for students of classes I and II on October 18th, 2011. There were 4 rounds viz, General Round, Visual Round, Puzzle Round and Rapid Fire Round. The winners of the competition are Anish, Raunak, Sumukesh, Manasvi, Mukta, Srivatsav from IInd standard, and Ananya, Arjun, Nachiket, Yashaswini, Harshit, Tharun from Ist standard.


Smt. Anupama verma
Physics Teacher

18th October 2011

Little Chirping Birds of UKG

Rhymes competition was held on 18th Oct 2011, for the UKG section. The winners of the competition were Leshitha-1st ,Preet.R.Shah-2nd and Nivedh-3rd from UKG A,Swarna & Mithun Raj-1st ,Maanas-2nd ,Sean ,Garv & Manasvi-3rd from UKG-B,Lakshitha & Likitha Sushma -1st ,Akshay 2nd ,3rd Rohit from UKG C, Harishankar-1st, Pragna -2nd ,Varshini & Vigneshwar-3rd from UKG D,Akshay-1st,Nandana,Neha& Aadya-2nd,Nikitha-3rd from UKG E,Dhathri-1st ,Jaisai & Eshanth-2nd ,Kavya & Vaishnavi-3rd from UKG F,Danya & Saikrishna-1st ,Harini-2nd,Ananya & Manu Sreejith-3rd .


Smt. Indu
UKG Co-ordinator


19th October 2011

Let’s Debate…..

The English literary club of the Senior Section (VIII-IX) conducted a Debate Competition on 19.10.2011. The topics were ‘Use and Misuse of Mobile Phones’ & ‘Is Internet Boon or Bane?’. The winners of the competition from Class VII are Nekhal M M – I, Sandhya – II, & Adith – III and from Class IX are Bhavana – I, Neha – II & Joel - III


Smt. Anupama C
Senior School Co-ordinator


19th October 2011

Art Of Story Telling

Story telling is a universal & traditional art form. We had conducted story telling competition for LKG on 19th October 2011. The winners are from LKG ‘A’ Samyuktha Rajagopalan, Ananya, Ananya Prashanth, Nithyashree from LKG ‘B’ Sejal Purohith, Uppu venkata charan Teja, Sai Aarushi, From LKG ‘C’ Hithyasini, Barath Prakash,Adarsh Karthikeyan, from LKG ‘D’ Netra Manimaran, Varshini s, Mayukh Rebbapragada, from LKG’E’ Krish R, Vakhin S, Karun L, Samyami V, from LKG’F’Trisha,Tanisha s, Shreeyansh Nimbalkar, Manasi Patra, from LKG’G’ Tanuja J,Deepshika senapathi,Vaibhavi J,Sriya Anoop From LKG’H’ Sahana,Nisha K.S, Pragathi Prasanna and Ananya S.


Smt. Jayalakshmi
LKG Co-ordinator

20th October 2011

Blooming Buds(PRE-KG)

Rhymes Day was conducted on 20th October (Thursday) for the PRE-KG students, to enhance and develop phonic awareness. The winners were: Sinchana Sagar.S, Vishwa shree, Adhya from Pre-kg ‘A’, Rakshitha, Sayee Bharathi, Vijay Krishnan from Pre-kg ‘B’, Tejeswini, Yuktha, Yaduraj, Aishwarya, Monis from Pre-kg ‘C’, Kartheswaran, Aadya, Abhiram, Deepika, Pratheek from Pre-kg ‘D’, Prerana, Ashmitha, Trisha Raina, Punya Pranav, Nirupama Varma from Pre-kg ‘E’, Advaith Dheeraj, Sruthi, Lokesh, Aneesh, Krishna Tejaswini from Pre-kg ‘F’.


Smt. Shailaja
PRE-KG Co-ordinator


20th October 2011

Yoga Session(Junior School Teachers)

Yoga session for the primary and junior school teacher was conducted on 20th Oct by Smt. Sharadaji. The session was a mental, spritual and physical upliftment for the teachers.


Smt. Paromita Moitra
Primary Teacher


20th October 2011

Pot painting competition

A pot paintaing competition was held for classes III to V on 20th October. The little masterpieces by the kids created were worth appreciating. The winners were Mahima, Nandana, Subramanya, Sahithi.M, Amulya Pothumarthi, Venkatachalan from IIIrd standard, Rakha K.S., Aditi Sabnis, Anjali T Ghosh, Aryan Murali, Shruthi Murali, Amith Vishnu from IVth standard and Smruthi Suresh, Gopu Shaji, Deeksha, Riya Suresh, Anughna, Apurva from Vth standard.


Shri.  Harish
Art Teacher


24th October 2011

Deepavali Utsav

We celebrated Deepavali on 24th October 2011. After the Deepa prajvalan student & teachers spoke about the festiaval. After a brief speech by Iyengerji, the function was followed by vocal recital by students to invoke the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. The blooming dancers tapped their feet with lighted Diya’s in their hand for the Mahalakshmi Ashtakam in praise of goddess of wealth.


Smt. Anupama.C
Senior School Co-ordinator

2nd November 2011

Self composed English Recitation Competition

Self composed poetry competition was held for class 6 & 7 on 2nd Nov, 2011. Our young talented poets recited poems on various topics of their own and proved their creativity once again. The winners of the competition were: Sailendran – I, Anusha - II and Srinidhi - III of Grade VI and Roshini – I, Sailesh - II and Manasvi – III of Grade VII.


Smt. Anupama C
English Teacher 


4th November 2011

Visit to Visvesvaraya Museum

Students of Middle and Senior Section visited the Visvesvaraya museum on 4th of November 2011. This visit developed scientific attitude and technological skills among the children. This museum is a tribute to the brilliance of Sir M. Visvesvaraya, one of the architects of modern Karnataka. They were keen in observing the old technology vs. the modern technology which was on display. Some of the students worked on the models with great awe and interest.


Smt. Sarada
Science Teacher


7th November 2011

Utthana Dwadashi

Deepa Moole Sthitho Brahma Deepa Madhye Janardhanaha
Deepagre Shankaraha Prokthaha Sandhyadeepa Namosthuthe.

It was yet another milestone in the history of our school, as we celebrated Deepotsava on 7.11.11, which marked the significance of the Hindu tradition. This festival is observed in the month of Karthika. Special poojas are offered to Tulasi plant and Damodara form of Lord Krishna. This ritual is performed on the 12th day of the Shukla Paksha. The celebration started with a sacred Homa performed by Sri Rangaraj Iyengarji and Sri. Vadiraj, followed by lighting of lamp by Sri Dinesh Hegdeji, Sri Rangaraj Iyengarji, Sri Ravikumarji, Sri Dwarakanathji, Sri Gajananji and Sri Maheshwaraiahji. The students and teachers presented cultural programme and made this evening a memorable one.


Smt.  Prema S  
Vikramashila House Teacher

8th November 2011

“The temple for our purest thoughts is silence”

We the staff and students of Std 1 had a visit to Sundara Anjaneya Temple at Kalkere on 8th November 2011. The gathering of students and staff was graced by the priest Sree Naveen Bhat, who enlightened us with the history of the temple. Bhajans were sung by students followed by Mahamagalarathi after the Pooja. The day was winded up with the prasad distribution.

DSC02440 DSC02437 

Smt. Leelavathy.V
English Teacher


8th November 2011

Tiny Sculptors of UKG

Clay modelling helps the child to gain basic mastery of molding and of forms that can become the foundation of some simple projects. The competition was conducted on 8th Nov. 2011. The winners of the competition in UKG Section were Rishab-1st ,Kunal-2nd and Vaishanavi-3rd from UKG A,Harshith-1st ,Anushree-2nd ,Arjun Krishnan-3rd from UKG B,Tanus & Gunjan -1st ,Rishi- 2nd ,Sathvik-3rd from UKG C, Anto Fedrick-1st, Shubhang -2nd ,Preethika-3rd from UKG D,Adya-1st,Nikitha & Mithun Reddy-2nd,Prerana-3rd from UKG E,Dhathri & Vaishnavi-1st ,Harshaman-2nd ,Rohit & Pavana-3rd from UKG F,Preethika Sri-1st ,Manu-2nd,Ananya -3rd from UKG G.


Smt. Indu
UKG Co- ordinator


9th November 2011

Shloka Chanting Competition

Shlokas, Strotas,Mantras & prayers play an important role in the ritual worship as well as spiritual development. The shlokas have specific rhythm and if chanted properly can produce powerful vibrations. Shloka chanting competition was held for the L.K.G section on 9th November 2011. The winners are LKG-‘A’ Samyuktha, Kavana, Ananya.P ,LKG-‘B’ Sonu T.S, Shraddha.D, Prajwal Raju.S, Anish.K.Vikranth, LKG-‘C’ Anarghya G.K, Bharath Prakash.D, Saadhika Krishnan.M, LKG-‘D’ Moushmi, Varshini, Athul Nayak, LKG-‘E’ Krish, Sachin.s, Shrayan Kumar.G, Aatish.R, LKG-‘F’ Trisha, Sudeshna, Prarthana, Nidhi, LKG-‘G’ Sourabhjyothirmaya, Thanuja, Vaishnavi, LKG-‘H’ Priyanka.K, Jaganmay, Vrinda Shashank, Deepthi Suresh.


Smt. Jayalakshmi K.R
LKG Co-ordinator

10th November 2011

Vegetables Day

Vegetables Day competition for PRE-KG section was conducted on 10th November. Children were asked to recognize the vegetables, their names, colour, its shape and their utility. The winners are : Srishan Ravi, Roha K Bhat, Adhya, Vishwashree from Pre-kg ‘A’, Sayee Bharathi, Sri Vikram, Shreyas, Tanish R K from Pre-kg ‘B’, Srinidhi, Harshith, Raghava, Gagan from Pre-kg ‘C’, Deepika, Rithwik, Swarna Kohana, Prajwa from Pre-kg ‘D’, Prerana V, Keerthana D S, Nirupama Varma, Ashmitha from Pre-kg ‘E’, Bhargav, Saanvi, Sai Srihan, Tanush from Pre-kg ‘F’.


Smt. Sailaja.S.
PRE- KG Co-ordinator


14th November 2011

Karnataka Rajyotsava, Children’s Day & Kanakadasa Jayanthi

We treat our land as land of goddess Bhuvaneshwari. On the eve of Kannada Rajyotsava, teachers and students prayed to Goddess Bhuvaneshwari. Several cultural Programmes took place which includes Skit, Dance and songs.


Teachers also enacted skit depcting “Panchamukhi Shikshana” implemented in our school in “Yakshagana Style”. On this occasion Kannada Recitation competition was also held for classes VI-VII. Classes VIII-IX participated in essay competition. Drawing and colouring competition was also organized for classes’ I-IX. The winners were: Shanmukha Priya, Pooja SriRam, Mahima R, Rohan Verma S, Krithi S Devatha, Aishwariya Ram Ganesh from IIIrd standard, Vishnu Priya G, Sri Lakshmi G.B, Tejas C, Krithi Despande, Deeksha Srinivas, Arya Murali C from IV th standard, Lavanya M, Sai Sri Varshini, Rakshith M, Tri Vikram, Trupthi, Deeksha M, Sarika M from Vth standard won awards for written quiz competition. The winners for recitation competition are Anusha, Shashank, Swathi, Sreyas from VIth standard, Yuktha, Varsha, Shashank, Vineet from VIIth standard. For essay competition, Sreyas, Nikhil, Pooja Raju from VIIIth standard. From IXth standard, the winners are Neha N Rao, Joel, Anurag. From art and craft department, the students who won prizes are: Roshana, Diyaa, Adithi, Shristhi, Khanak, Krithika from Ist standard, Arya, Rishab, Abithakuja, Sumukesh, from IInd standard, Varsha, Krithi Devatha from IIIrd standard, Keerthan D, Srinidhi from IVth standard, Roshan M, Smrithi Suresh from Vth standard, Swathi Sathish from VIth, Prachi Singh from VIIth, Sandhya C from VIIIth, Neha N Rao from IXth.


Smt. Rupasree
Kannada Teacher


“Each one Teach one”

The idea of universal Children’s Day was adopted by the UNO in 1954. As a tribute to Jawahar Lal Nehru and his love for the children14th of November is celebrated as Children’s Day. Students of all classes took an oath of teaching the deprived ones in their neighbourhood and the underprivileged. Teachers performed various cultural programmes like singing, dancing and enactment.


Smt. Prema Surendar
Vikramashila House Mistress

On the same day Kanakadasa, a devotee of Lord Krishna and a great poet who has contributed to Dasa Sahitya of Karnataka was also remembered. Shri Iyengar ji spoke a few words and also sang kirtanas composed by Kanakadasa during this occasion.

Smt. Roopashri


15th November, 2011

Bhagavad Geetha Abhiyanam

Geetha is very widely studied and popular all over the world. Bhagavad Geetha Abhiyanam was conducted on 15th Nov 2011. In this programme President of Abhiyanam in Karnataka Sri Prasadaji conducted training programme with his team. Students along with teachers participated actively in the programme and chanted the same with devotion.


Shri. Mailarappa
Sanskrit Teacher

15th November, 2011

Extend your hands – Solitude will not be solitude; poverty is not a poverty

To study about the lifestyle of the deprived and neglected ones the students of classes III to V STD visited a slum which is located in Benniganahalli, Bangalore on 15.11.2011. Teachers and children interacted with these people and shared their pains and suffering. They made up their minds to help these people in any possible way. Our students also learnt that these people are not unwanted but should be loved and cared by the society.


Kamala, V. Manjula
Primary Teachers


17th November, 2011

EVS quiz competition.

Science Club organized a Quiz competition for students of classes I and II on November17th, 2011. The winners of the competition are Manaswi Koushik, Samyukta, Arya Kulkarni, Niveditha Nair,Madhumita,and Vidya from IInd standard Ananya, Koushik, Vihit, Samarth,Sheeja,and Deepika from Ist standard.Takshasila came out to be the winner house.


Smt. Sabitha
Primary Teacher

17th  Nov 2011

Interschool Cultural Competition

Students of STD 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th had taken part in folk dance, patriotic song and drawing competitions of “Vagdevi Kala Utsav 2011” held on 17th and 19th Nov 2011, and won participation certificates.

Report by:
Smt. Usha M( Teacher)


17th  Nov 2011

National Science Olympiad

NSO exam was conducted on 17 November 2011 for classes I to IX. Total number of students who took part in the NSO exam was 130. Students enthusiastically took part in one of the Asia’s biggest Olympiad Exam.  

Report by:
Smt. Shivaleela(Teacher


22nd  Nov 2011

NIE Report for October & November 2011 – 2012

NIE classes are held to improve the reading, communication skill and motivate the students to know about the world.   The topics discussed were “Know my city (part IV)”, “Listening Skill (part IV)”, and “Quiz time (part IV), Skill enhancing game (part IV).    “Cross cultural awareness (part I to III)”, “Speaking skill (part I to III)”, “Hindu Panorama (part I to III)”, “Public speaking (part I to III)”.The resource persons were Smt. Shaila, Smt. Sheela Prabha and Mr. Mohan C.  

Report by:
Smt. Veena D(NIE – Co-ordinator)


23rd  Nov 2011

An Orientation Programme by Dr. Radha Rajiv Raje

Interactive sessions by Dr. Radha Rajiv Raje (Consulting Psychologist) were held on 23.11.11.  The life skill activities were conducted based on how to manage stress and emotions. Students of classes of 8 & 9 performed a skit based on the handouts given by Dr. Radha while classes 6 & 7 were the audience. The session for Pre-primary staff dealt with how to “Handle children in the class room atmosphere”, which was an informative and motivating to the teachers. During the session for Primary and High school,  a discussion was held on non-academic problems, their identification and solution for age group of 6-10yrs old children.


Report by:
Smt. Jayanthi Rajkumar (Head Mistress)


23rd  Nov 2011


A puppet show based on interesting and child friendly stories was conducted for LKG students as a part of the curriculum. Children enjoyed the show and it was more informative and educative.


Report by:
Smt. Jayalakshmi K R(LKG  Co-ordinator)


25th Nov 2011

Math Quiz 

Math Quiz was conducted for class VI TO IX students on 25/11/2011. There were four rounds namely Geometry, Arithmetic & Algebra, Logical reasoning & mental ability and Visual round. The Winners of the competition were: Swathi P – VI, Renganathan – VI, Niveditha – VII, Anusha – VII, Adith – VIII, Nandana – VIII, Anuraag – IX, Joel George – IX of Vikramashila House.


Report by:
Smt. Shivaleela(Teacher)


25th  Nov 2011

Colouring competition

The Goloka shades & coloring competition was held on 25th Nov 2011 in the school premises for STD I to STD IX which was looking colorful with all the participants, who participated enthusiastically and did their best. This was organized by the Isckon Temple Trust.  


Report by:
Smt. Usha.M(Teacher)


26th  Nov 2011

Faculty Development Programme

Faculty Development Programme was organized on 26.11.11. A power point presentation on Tools & Techniques of evaluation was presented by Smt. Manjula V and her team. Smt.Pallavi Natasha highlighted on observation, test and inventories, where as Smt.Sabitha Menon spoke on checklist, Rating Scale and Anecdotal Records, Smt. Susmitha spoke on Document Analysis and Portfolio. The session also included activities based on topic followed by the interactive session.
Report by:    
Smt. Manjula V (Teacher)


29th November 2011

It’s Quiz Time: Battle of the brains

The Mathematics Department of Primary Section had conducted an Inter House Quiz competition on 29th November 2011. Students of 3rd, 4th and 5th had participated with great enthusiasm. Questions were based on General, Visual, Puzzle and Rapid fire rounds.
S.S.V Subramanian, Manav Vikram Raithatha, Nikil Murli Mohan and Lalith. M of Nalanda team bagged the First Place followed by   Aryan. G, Shreenidhi.R, Adithya Krishna Nair and Anisha Pattnaik of Thakshashila team won the Second Place and Sushanth Nair, Riya Suresh, Thrivikram. G.S.S and Nandana Arvind of Kanchi house won the Third Place.

Report by:




6th Dec 2011

Dance Competition

Dance competition was conducted on 6.12.2011 for classes I & II. Children came dressed up with beautiful costumes and it was wonderful to watch our students dance. The winners of the competiton are: Gayathri .K.Sajeev – 1st, Deepika vinayaka Hegde – 2nd, Gowri Krishnan Nair – 3rd of I A Section. Diya Bhaskaran – 1st, Divya Harish- 2nd, Chetana- 3rd of IB Section. Shalini.K.V- 1st, Darini – 2nd of I C Section. Shrushti – 1st, Soumya – 2nd, Srilekha – 3rd of I D Section. Prakriti – 1st , Riya Dilip- 2nd , Sheeja – 3rd of I E Section, Ananya.P- 1st , Minal- 2nd, Rakshita – 3rd of I F Section. Manaswi – 1st, Aditi – 2nd , Ananya – 3rd of II A Section. Mita.N.Sirsikar -1st, Kalathmika – 2nd, , Nivedita – 3rd of II B Section. Krishna Priya – 1st, Ananya Rajesh – 2nd, Anushka Rao – 3rd of II C Section. Harshada – 1st , Varsha.M – 2nd and Yashoda – 3rd of II D Section.

Report by:
Smt. Chetana Rao(Dance Teacher)


8th Dec 2011

International Math Olympiad

International Math Olympiad exams were conducted for class III to IX on 8th December 2011. Total number of students who took part was 160. Students were well prepared to take part in one of the Asia’s biggest Olympiad.

Report by:
Smt. Shivaleela (Olympiad Co- ordinator) 


8th Dec 2011

It’s Quiz Time:

The Science Club of Primary Section had conducted an Inter House Quiz Competition on 8th December 2011 Questions were based on General, Visual, and Rapid fire rounds. The Winners are: 1st Place was won by Shanmukha Priya, Gaurav. R. Anughna and Lalith.M of Nalanda House. 2nd Place was secured by Rohan, Sushanth Nair, Lavanya. S and Sarika.P of Kanchi House and 3rd Place was bagged by Aakash.D, Vishnupriya, Karthik Sharma and Gopu Shaji of Vikramshila House.

Report by:
Smt. Usha M (Mathematics Teacher)


13th Dec 2011

Show And Tell (UKG)

Show and Tell competition was held for the UKG section on 13th Dec 2011. Students identified various toys and spoke about the same. The winners of the competition were Dhanush-1st ,Sarvessh-2nd, Aishwariya-3rd from ukg A,chinmayi.S.Hegde-1st ,Charvi-2nd ,Sparsha & Samiksha-3rd from UKG B,Madhave -1st ,Gunjan- 2nd ,Malav & Mohit-3rd from UKG C, Mohitha-1st, Madhulika -2nd ,Varshini -3rd from UKG D,Akshay-1st,Krishna Manohar & Aditya-2nd,Rakshitha-3rd from UKG E,Tarun-1st ,Santosh-2nd ,Chirag & Shubangam-3rd from UKG F,Devashree-1st ,Rithul & Vinaya Jatin-2nd,Deepak-3rd.

Report by:
Smt. Indu (UKG Co-ordinator)


14th Dec 2011


LKG Section had conducted Show and Tell Competition on 14th December, 2011 and children gave a wonderful performance which was most appreciable.

The winners from LKG ‘A’ were Nithyashree, Bhavya M, Haripriya K M, Agnijitha, from LKG ‘B’ Mahija C, Siddharth S, Aastha J, Sejal Purohit, Akshaya H, from LKG ‘C’ Hithyahasini R V, Suruchi Reddy L, Manju Nayaka D, Rahul R, from LKG ‘D’ Moushimi N, Tharun Choubay, Varshini S, from LKG ‘E’ Dhishan L, Krish R, Sachin Satish, from LKG ‘F’ Tanisha S, Vimuktha, Trisha, Prarthana, from LKG ‘G’ Vaishnavi, Tanuja, Poshika, Lokesh, from LKG ‘H’ Vrundha Shashank C, Akanksha P Rao, Sahana S and Leenisha J.

Report by:
Smt. Jayalakshmi K R (LKG Co-ordinator) 


15th Dec 2011

Dance competition

Dance competition was conducted on 15.12.2011for class VI - IX. Students dressed up in folk and classical costumes and put up a wonderful show.

The winners of the competiton are: Sneha R – 1st , Srinidhi M Sharma – 2nd and Swathi Sateesh- 3rd from VI std. Soundarya – 1st , Vaishnavi – 2nd and Roshini – 3rd from VII std. Pooja Raju – 1st , Ashwini S – 1st , Nandana S – 2nd and Sushma – 3rd from VIII std. Bhavana – 1st from IX std.

Report by:
Smt. Chetana Rao (Dance Teacher) 


15th Dec 2011

My Favourite Toy

Show and Tell competition for Pre-Kg section was held on 15th December, 2011. Students took active part in the competition.

The winners are : Roha K Bhat, Preetham Prakash, Mayankh, from Pre-kg ‘A’, Rakshitha, Sri Vikram, Aditya Nambiar, R K from Pre-kg ‘B’, Uthpala, Yaduraj, Nidhish, Pranav from Pre-kg ‘C’, Aahana, Kartheswaran, Eeshanvi from Pre-kg ‘D’, Nipun Anup, Ashvin Vinod, Punya Pranav, from Pre-kg ‘E’, Sai Srihan, Sidharth, Sreeja from Pre-kg ‘F’.

Report by:
Sailaja.S ( Pre-KG Co-ordinator) 


17th Dec 2011


We organized an Exhibition of all departments viz. Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Languages & IT on 17th Dec 2011. Shri. & Smt. Anil Kumar Dutta (Philosopher) inaugurated the exhibition. The students actively participated and explained their respective projects. Students and Staff of Vikasa Vidya Kendra visited and witnessed the exhibition. Shri. Jayadevji, Sri. Dinesh Hegdeji, Sri. Ravikumarji also graced the occasion by paying a visit.

Report by:
Smt. Shree Vidya (Science Teacher) 


20th Dec 2011

Young Cuckoos...

Kannada Literary Club of Primary Section had conducted Kannada Recitation Competition on 20th Dec 2011 for 3rd to 5th STD Students. The Winners of the competition are: Shanmukha Priya – 1st, Pooja Sriram – 2nd and Shreyas Jadav – 3rd of IIIA Section. Sakshi – 1st, Amulya Pothumathi – 2nd & Sheraayu Chandak – 3rd of III B Section. Yashila – 1st, Adithi Sabnis – 2nd & Raksha – 3rd of IVA Section. Deeksha Srinivas – 1st, Kriti Deshpande – 2nd & Shreya Mechri – 3rd of class IVB Section. Varshini C H – 1st , Anisha Pattnaik – 2nd & Lavanya M- 3rd of VA Section. Trupti – 1st , Deeksha Murali – 2nd & Sarika P Athreya – 3rd of VB Section.

Report by:
Smt. Roopa Shree(Kannada Teacher)


24th Dec 2011

Annual Sports Day

Our school conducted Annual Sports Day on 24th Dec. 2011. The Chief Guest for the day was Sri. Shankar Narayan ji, Retd. Director of Physical Education of Bengaluru University. The other dignitiries present on the occasion were Sri. Gajanan Londhe, Sri Rangaraj Iyengar, Sri. Maheshwaraiah, Smt. Asha & Sri Ravikumar ji. Programme commenced with the lighting of lamp and invocation. Flag hoisting was done by the Chief Guest followed by the March-past by the four Houses.

Students of I Std performed PT display on the Swastik sign which indicates four different directions. Students of II & III STD displayed Dumbels excersise. Further students of class V displayed Karate and students of class VIII & IX performed Silent Drill. Several events like 100 Mt Race, 4X50 Mt Relay & Tug – o – war was conducted and prizes were distributed. Parents also took part in the event Dakshina Pravas. Students who won in different Inter- School level sports activities were recognized. Sri. Shankar Narayan in his address inspired and motivated the students to take active participation in sports activities. Sri. Gajanan ji threw light on importance of physical fitness contributes to sound body and mind.

The following Students were awarded the best all rounder of the year 2011-12:

Junior Girls – Vishnu Priya of IV
Junior Boys – Bipin Shreyas of V A
Senior Girls – Megha of VIII
Senior Boys – Sushanth of IX

Kanchi house was awarded as the best house for the year 2011-12. The rolling trophy was received by Smt. Anupama C (House Mistress) & Sushanth (House Captain) of Class IX.

Report by:
Sri. Devendran (Sports Department)


25th Dec – 27th Dec 2011

Teacher Orientation Programme – II

The second session of Teacher’s orientation programme was held from 25th Dec 2011 – 27th Dec 2011 at Sri Chinmaya Sandipani Ashrama, Chokkahalli, Kolar. Teachers from 3 schools attended the programme for their empowerment. The programme was inaugurated by Shri. Dinish Hegde ji, followed by several educative sessions. Shri. A G K Nayak ji highlighted aims objectives and expected outcome from both teachers and students of Rashtrothana Schools. Shri. Girish Chandra held two sessions a motivator in himself highlighted different practical problems in classroom faced by students, awareness towards those problems and ways to find solutions in this profession.

At the end of the day Shri Ravikumar ji conducted a session on “Significance of events and programmes conducted in schools”. It was a deep debate and discussion on the necessity and effectiveness of the same.

On Second day Smt. Manjula Devi spoke and enlightened the teachers about ‘Life Skills’. She inspired us to think and find ways to act for the inculcation of various life skills in modern education system. She also enriched us with the thought that practicing 100% of all simple things leads to success as teachers.

Sri. Mukund ji spoke about several incidents that changed the whole thinking and acting process in lives of great people. He also highlighted that any silent or simple situation would be a turning point in child’s life for inspiring him / her to be future successful citizens of the nation like A P J Abdul Kalam, Anna Hazare, Bhagath Singh etc.

The next session was headed by Shri. J R Jagadish ji who ignited our minds to think upon the spiritual grounds to create better personalities in the child through inculcation of courage, feeling of patriotism, unity among diversity etc.

Further two sessions were conducted by Shri Gajanan ji to know in depth about Panchamukhi Shikshana which is the leading light for formation od an ideal citizen of Bharath. Sir also explored the child within us by creating a classroom environment through group discussions and quiz on our country.

On 27th Dec 2011 we had the first session guided by Smt. Ashwini ji. The topic for the session was ‘Personalised learning’ where we wereguided to note that every child is unique and we as teachers have to approach in different ways to make learning happen.

Sri Poorna Pragnananda Swamiji provoked us to think what is education and the need for education. This lead us to think in philosophical and spiritual terms about education so that we guide our students in the same way. Further we were also provoked by detailed works and life achievements of Swami Vivekananda by Sri Kru. Suryanarayana ji.

Yoga sessions and Bhajan were routine and integral part of the complete programme headed by Sri Iyengarji and Smt. Sharada ji.

Thus a spark of leading light has awakened us to implement several methods to create good citizens of Bharath.

Report by:
Smt. Shree Vidya (Science Teacher)

6th January 2012

Dance Competition

Dance competition was conducted in the school on 06.01.12 for class III _ V. Children came dressed up with beautiful costumes; it was wonderful to watch our students dancing. The winners of the competiton are: Nandan Aravind – I , Shanmukha Priya – II , Varsha Shankar – III from class III A , S S V Subramaniam – I , Sakshi M – II from class III B , Roopashri M – I , Yasheela M – II , A S Harshitha – III from IV A , Anjali – I , Shreya Mechri – II , Deeksha – III from IV B , Lavanya M – I , Sai Sri Varshini – II from V A , Sarika P Atreya – I , Riya Suresh – II , Trupti – III from class V B

Over all trophy was won by Kanchi house.

Report by:
Smt. Chetana Rao (Dance Teacher)


7th January 2012

Donate Blood, Save Life…

Dance competition was conducted on 6.12.2011 for classes I & II. Children came dressed up with beautiful costumes and it was wonderful to watch our students dance. The winners of the competiton are: Gayathri .K.Sajeev – 1st, Deepika vinayaka Hegde – 2nd, Gowri Krishnan Nair – 3rd of I A Section. Diya Bhaskaran – 1st, Divya Harish- 2nd, Chetana- 3rd of IB Section. Shalini.K.V- 1st, Darini – 2nd of I C Section. Shrushti – 1st, Soumya – 2nd, Srilekha – 3rd of I D Section. Prakriti – 1st , Riya Dilip- 2nd , Sheeja – 3rd of I E Section, Ananya.P- 1st , Minal- 2nd, Rakshita – 3rd of I F Section. Manaswi – 1st, Aditi – 2nd , Ananya – 3rd of II A Section. Mita.N.Sirsikar -1st, Kalathmika – 2nd, , Nivedita – 3rd of II B Section. Krishna Priya – 1st, Ananya Rajesh – 2nd, Anushka Rao – 3rd of II C Section. Harshada – 1st , Varsha.M – 2nd and Yashoda – 3rd of II D Section.

Report by
Sri. Devendran (Sports in- Charge)


16th January 2012

Goh Pooja

The dawn of our school on 16th Jan’2012 began with the blessings of Gohmatha. As a part our Hindu tradition we celebrated Goh pooja in the school premises on the occasion of Sankranti. Sri Rangaraj Iyengarji briefed us with the importance of the festival and performed the day’s ritual by decorating the Goh with turmeric, vermillion and garland.

Report by:
Smt. Prema S (Vikramashila House Mistress)





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